The Wood, The Brass & The Funky [REMIX]

Released September 2017

Director Statement

This project - a narrative led music video - was shot entirely without due preparation or planning. Just a series of fairly random vignettes - many of which never made it to the final cut. There's another film on the cutting room floor. Through a series of failed experiments to pull the disparate footage together, the eventual - and it now seems obvious - solution, was to tell the true story of the wild weekend during which the film was shot - in and around an old mill house set in the idyllic English countryside of Dorset, hanging out with a bunch of semi-autonomous anarcho syndicalist street musicians. What results is expressionistic - psychedelic Méliès - and utterly truthful to the experience of that perculiar weekend. 

Howard Vause 
Director "The Wood, The Brass & The Funky" 
29 September 2017

Dan Carnival
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