REVIEWS | THE CURIOUS CHILD | animation, fantasy, short | UK English | runtime: 3:21 | digital | 16:9 | final cut May 2019  

Tim Burton meets Shaun Tan with a twist of Levi Pinfold in Howard Vause's picture book-esque short The Curious Child

Like all things wonderful, Howard has created a thing of great beauty here, doing what he does best by fearlessly and eloquently capturing the innocence of childhood, whilst simultaneously sloshing knee deep in the dark and shadowy trenches of the human psyche. 

Penetrating the biggest question man/womankind has about existence, dancing so beautifully with the brazen inevitability of death, Howard leaves us with the biggest truth of all - that some questions can never be answered and in the face of death they all become irrelevant. 

And in my book that's a good thing, for if we knew the answers to all the questions in the world then we'd lose the mysterious. And if we lose the mysterious, then artists and makers and writers and creatives like Howard Vause would be out of a job. And that would be the saddest thing of all. 

If I were to offer any criticism to balance my enthusiasm, the film is poorer for the fact that we never get to hear the girl's voice, but that's a small thing. 

I loved this little film and I look forward to the full length feature film that is yet to be birthed from this man.

Kate Maryon
Children's Author & Speaker

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