The SHADOW is back

March 17, 2018

A friend posted this insightful and beautifully written article. It's got me obsessing about the Shadow. Again. The world seems ready for a 10-12 minute treatment of GLOWBALL. Yup. Fingers crossed for my funding app to Exeter Phoenix. Should hear something Monday. Meanwhile...

UK news media currently lapping up vitriolic soundbites from "outraged" politicians directed towards Putin's Russia in the wake of that spy-movie-style murder down the road. It's all laughably, painfully predictable. If Putin is playing games he'll be rubbing his hands in glee, chuckling in Russian. Corbyn's saying hang on - are we absolutely SURE about this? but the hoards don't wanna listen to a pacifist pinko traitor - they're already at the gates of Kastle Kremlinstein - pitchforks in hand - baying for the blood of the latest Monster. We are a species resisting evolution.



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