March 7, 2018

Enjoy working with F.A.N. (Frome Actors Network). They're a courageous, talented,  enthusiastic  performers; pushing their skill and knowledge. I ran an "Act for Screen" workshop (late Feb) with 7 FANs. Thanks for hosting Merlin Theatre, Frome. 


Focus was on differences between stage/screen performance -  to communicate feelings - REAL emotion - to camera; inner and outer conflict, shifting power balances, subtext. A series of exercises based around improvisation, experimenting (not done this before with adults), trying to get actors to make their work small - subtle enough for the camera which magnifies everything.


We produced three very short (60 seconds or less) films from an exercise called "Empty Dialogue" - groups of actors are given the same 6-8 lines of non-commital script and given 10 mins to prepare a scene with distinct sense of character.


we shot on green screen.  I confess to failing to clock the subtlety of the performances at the time - too busy looking at the camera positions and wonder how it would all edit together. Only when I saw the footage. A revelation which confounded my expectations.. Learning.



See the films below -  screengrabs below those.

 The Deal - Nu-Noir just for fun - Frome Actors Network "Acting for Screen" Workshop [Feb 2018]

 Mark R. Scopes in The Deal - a hitman with something to hide.

 The Deal: B/W with occasional BIG colour.

The Deal - Lucy Kirkman is dangerously soft spoken...

Sensitive performances from Benedict Wane (front) and Ross Scott in CARPARK

Masses of subtext - the final cut worked better with a softer, ethereal soundtrack.

Ross Scott

 Experimenting with "trapped" extreme wide framing in D•E•A•L.

William Finkenrath gets understated intimidation from Denis Dogan's demonic debt collector.

D•E•A•L:  When it's time to go... a deal's a deal. [Left: hellish henchman Simon Blakeman]


Film links are below:




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