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award winning animation ... collaborative education projects ... poetryfilm and music video ... films made with community organisations ... and people with learning disabilities ... 

health and wellbeing ... art, activism and archives.

If you're interested in a particular aspect of my work (e.g. "after-school filmmaking clubs") email me and I'll send a private portfolio link.

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3 most recently completed films*

Whatever they happen to be

Have a skim :)

* I'd love to show you more but a lot of my work can't be shared publicly (safeguarding issues / monetised / internal)

The HIT movie!
THE CURIOUS CHILD | animated short  | animation, fantasy, short | UK English | runtime: 3:21 | digital | 16:9 | 2019 Howard Vause Films  


Howard Vause | Director, Story and Animation

Bethan Dixon Bate | Narration | Best Female Character Performance "The Curious Child" One Voice Awards 2020

Dr PJ Leonard | Original Music

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A small child asks a question so big

it will take a lifetime to forget.

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Interested in licencing The Curious Child for your streaming platform? Get in touch.

"...a thing of great beauty... fearlessly and eloquently capturing the innocence of childhood ... sloshing knee deep in the dark and shadowy trenches of the human psyche."   

Kate Maryon

Children's author and speaker

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